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Love.  In Food Form!

Breezy Peach is a handmade preserves company made from naturally sourced fruits founded by Briana Hudson. Having strong familial values, Briana uses her brand to keep the foundation of community and togetherness alive. For years her Aunt Geraldine made these delicious preserves on their farm in Alabama to be shared with friends and family. This natural recipe was given to Briana, which she uses to create memories through quality time & good food. Breezy Peach is Love. In food form! 



Breezy Peach is a brand that promotes community through delicious foods. Our yummy preserves deliver a light, airy taste that is perfect for any social gathering; from dinner parties to office get-togethers, our preserves are a great complement to any food dish. Breezy Peach is an experience made to be eaten with others!

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